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Conveyancing And Property Law Journal - 2016

Albert Keating  The Revival of a will by codicil
(2016) 21(1) CPLJ 2
Succession; Doctrine of revival. Revocation. Succession Act 1965 .
Kathryn O'Sullivan  Low-flying Drones and Ownership of Airspace in Ireland
(2016) 21(1) CPLJ 7
Trespass / Aviation; Unmanned aerial systems. Bernstein of Leigh (Baron) v Skyviews & General Ltd. Airspace. Drones. Trespass.
Daniel Dwyer  A pro-tenant shift in the balance of unreasonable withholding of consent to assignment - Perfect Pies v Chupn Ltd
(2016) 21(1) CPLJ 12
Landlord & Tenant; Consent. Test of Unreasonableness. Bona Fides.
Christopher Clayton, Grainne Duggan  Tax Updates since October 2015
(2016) 21(1) CPLJ 16
Taxation; Finance Act 2015. Landlord & Tenant. Capital Gains Tax. Stamp Duty.
James Cross  Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank v Hanley and Giblin
(2016) 21(1) CPLJ 17
Property; Repossession Order. Jurisdiction. Land Valuation.
James Cross  Zopitar Ltd v Jacob (Administrator ad litem of the estate of the late McKinney)
Right of Way / Legal Advice; Prescription. Right of Way.
James Cross  Perfect Pies Ltd (In receivership) and Farrell v Chupn Ltd
(2016) 21(2) CPLJ 19
Landlord & Tenant; Leasehold. Consent. Test of Unreasonableness.
Albert Keating  The Presumption of Revocation in Cases of Lost Wills
(2016) 21(2) CPLJ 26
Succession; Revocation. Destruction of Wills.
Caroline Munro  An Overview of the History of the Meaning of Possession in the Context of Land Law
(2016) 21(2) CPLJ 30
Land ; Ownership. Possession. Right to Possess (jus possidendi).
Grainne Duggan  Tax Updates since February 2016
(2016) 21(2) CPLJ 38
Tax; Finance (Tax Appeals) Act 2015. Tax Appeals Commission.
James Cross  Doyle v Private Residential Tenancies Board
(2016) 21(2) CPLJ 39
Landlord & Tenant; Tenancy. Appeal. Notice of Termination. Residential Tenancy Act 2004. Jurisdiction. Receivership.
James Cross  Doyle v Private Residential Tenancies Board
(2016) 21(2) CPLJ 40
Landlord & Tenant; Receivership. Tenancy. Costs. Master of the High Court.
James Cross  McHugh v McHugh
(2016) 21(2) CPLJ 41
Succession; Deed of Transfer. Fee Simple. Breach of trust and legitimate expectations. Jurisdiction. Appeal.
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