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Judicial Studies Institute Journal - 2010

Pat McInerney Adobe PDF File"Equality of Arms" between the suspect interrogated in Garda custody and the gardaI
(2010) 10(1) JSIJ 1
Criminal Law; Right to Silence, Constitutional Rights, Access to Legal Advice, Heaney and McGuiness v Ireland, European Court of Human Rights, Balance in the Criminal Law Review Group: Final Report, Adverse Inferences
Evan Bell Adobe PDF FileJudges Fairness and Litigants in Person
(2010) 10(1) JSIJ 33
Litigation; Self Representation, Judicial Assistance, Limited Interference, Fair Procedures, Court Rules, Litigant Submissions, Cross Examination, Delay,
C.H. McKibben Adobe PDF FileRound and Round the Mulberry Bush
(2010) 10(1) JSIJ 78
Family Law; Mental Health, Children, Case Management, Law Reform,
John Danaher Adobe PDF FileScientific Evidence and the Criminal Law: Lessons from Brain-Based Lie Detectors
(2010) 10(1) JSIJ 95
Criminal Law; Neuroscience, Polygraph Testing, Brain Response, Reliability of Testing, Technological Development, Law Reform,
Margaret Fitzgearld Adobe PDF FileThe Control Continuum: Analysing the Scope and Impact of Post-Release Measures for Offenders
(2010) 10(1) JSIJ 132
Criminal Law; Sentancing, Release, Detention, Sexual Offenders Register, Civil Orders, Reoffending, Criminal Justice Act 2007, Organised Crime, Drugs Offences, Constitutional Challenge, Rehabilitation, Criminal Records
Tom O' Malley Adobe PDF FileComments on White Paper on Crime: "Criminal Sanctions"
(2010) 10(2) JSIJ 1
Criminal Law; Sentencing, Imprisonment, Victims Relatives, Law Reform, Appellate Review,
Niamh Maguire Adobe PDF FileConsistency in Sentencing
(2010) 10(2) JSIJ 14
Criminal Law; Sentencing Reform, Proportionality, Judicial Discretion, Judicial Training, Appeals, Empirical Research Study, Individual Case Circumstances, Mandatory Sentencing, Drug Addiction,
Evan Bell Adobe PDF FileJudicial Assessment of Expert Evidence
(2010) 10(2) JSIJ 55
Court Procedure; Admissibility of Evidence, Expert Evidence, Factual Material, Evidential Conflict, Objectivity, Credibility,
Thomas E.O'Donnell Adobe PDF FileThe District Court, the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 "Cause and Effect"
(2010) 10(2) JSIJ 97
Human Rights ; Section 62 of the Housing Act 1966, Declaration of Incompatibility, District Court, Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights
Kevin T. O'Sullivan Adobe PDF FilePrivity of Contract: The Potential Impact of the Law Reform Commission Recommendations on Irish Contract Law
(2010) 10(2) JSIJ 110
Contract Law; Contracting Parties, Third Party Contract Beneficiaries, Law Reform, Contract Enforcement and Remedies, Judicial Interpretation of Contracts, Commercial Contracts,
Irish Legal Information Initiative 2003-15