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Judicial Studies Institute Journal - 2001

Mr. Justice Ronan Keane Adobe PDF FileThe Irish Courts System in the 21st Century: Planning for the Future
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 1
Courts; Case Managment; Access to Justice; Reform
Paul Lambert Adobe PDF FileThe Search for Elusive Electrons: Getting a Sense for Electronic Evidence
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 23
Law of Evidence; Information Technology
Tom O'Malley Adobe PDF FilePrinciples of Sentencing: Some Recent Developments
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 50
Criminal Justice System; Sentencing
David L. Scannell Adobe PDF FileThe Influence of the General Principles of Community Law on Rules of Procedure and Rules of Substance in Ireland
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 64
European Law; National Law
Daithí Mac Cárthaigh Adobe PDF FileTeach ar an Luathscríbhinn Chúirte-Dúnadh an Dorais Chúil
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 126
Freedom of Information; Courts System; Records
Anthony Moore Adobe PDF FileIsaac Wunder Orders
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 135
Court Proceedings; Jurisdiction; Supreme Court
Mr. Justice Hugh Geoghegan Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Friel, "The Law of Contract" (Second Edition)
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 145
Judge Bryan McMahon Adobe PDF FileBook Review: O'Dell (ed.), "Leading Cases of the Twentieth Century"
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 150
Jurisprudence; Judicial Activism
Mr. Justice Michael Moriarty Adobe PDF FileBook Review: McCutcheon and Walsh, "The Confiscation of Criminal Assets: Law and Procedure"
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 155
Criminal Assets; Criminal Assets Bureau
Mr. Justice Roderick Murphy Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Wood "The High Court: A User's Guide"
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 161
High Court; Court Proceedings
Mr. Justice Iarflaith O'Neill Adobe PDF FileBook Review: McMahon and Binchy, "Law of Torts" (Third Edition)
(2001) 1(1) JSIJ 167
Law of Torts
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