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Cork Online Law Review - 2003

Gerard Murphy Adobe PDF FileThe Admissibility of Repressed Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse
(2003) COLR I
Sexual Offences; Repressed Memories; Inadmissibility; Evidence
Anthony O'Riordan Adobe PDF FileAre You Exhausted? The Rights of Trademark Holders within The EU
(2003) COLR II
European Law; Exhaustion of Rights; Trade Marks
Emma McClean Adobe PDF FileEconomic Sanctions: Rethought Entirely
(2003) COLR III
International Law; United Nations; Human Rights Law
Claire Mc Hugh Adobe PDF FileHas Curiosity Killed the Cat? The Powers and Functions of Ireland 's Tribunals of Inquiry
(2003) COLR IV
Tribunals of Inquiry; Procedure;
Eleanora Taylor Adobe PDF FileIrish Banking Codes of Practice:
(2003) COLR V
Banking Law; Code Of Practice; Regulation; Legislation; Legislative Proposals
Ross Phillips Adobe PDF FileIs There a Need For a Statute-Based Code of Practice to Govern All Financial Institutions?
(2003) COLR VI
Banking Law; Code Of Practice; Regulation; Legislation; Legislative Proposals
Ian Walsh Adobe PDF FileBetween Scylla and Charybdis: The Supreme Court and the Regulation of Information Bill (1995)
(2003) COLR VII
Constitutional Law; Article 26; Natural Law; Abortion; Rocks; Hard Places
Eoghan McSweeny Adobe PDF FileThe Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention: A Double Standard?
(2003) COLR VIII
International Law; Humanitarian Intervention; United Nations; Terrorism
Killian Kehoe Adobe PDF FileThe Praxis Prism – The Epistemology of Antonio Gramsci
(2003) COLR IX
Jurisprudence; Marxism; Philosophy; Legal Doctrine
Vicky Conway Adobe PDF FileLook ‘em up and Throw Away the Key: Examining the Irish Prison System
(2003) COLR X
Prison Service; Reform; Community Service; Prison Labour
Mairead Britton Adobe PDF FileUndertakings: A Satisfactory Safeguard to Grave Risk?
(2003) COLR XI
International Child Abduction; Best Interests; Undertakings
Illan Wall Adobe PDF FileThe Custody Conundrum: Analysing Parental Rights in Ireland
(2003) COLR XII
Family Law; Custody; Welfare
Máiread Cronin Adobe PDF FileOnline Privacy: An Irish Perspective to a Worldwide Problem
(2003) COLR XIV
Data Protection; Online Privacy
Jane Mulcahy Adobe PDF FileProtecting your Trade Mark - Who Owns Online?
(2003) COLR XIII
Trade Marks; Internet; Domain Names
Irish Legal Information Initiative 2003-15