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Cork Online Law Review - 2004

Alan Woods Adobe PDF FileAdding Another Glass Block to the Barrier of Transparency: The Media and the Freedom of Information Acts
(2004) COLR I
Freedom of Information; Media; Transparency
Thomas Wren Adobe PDF FileThe United States of Europe: What Have We To Gain?
(2004) COLR II
European Law; Convention; European Citizenship; Irish Constitutional Law; European Constitution
Patrick McCarthy Adobe PDF FileMaking The Most of International Law on the Right to Identity: An Analysis of Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
(2004) COLR III
Rights of Children; Family; Parents
Ciara Kennefick Adobe PDF File‘L’Etat C’est Moi’, Maintenant C’est Quoi? The Powers of the Parliament of the Fifth Republic: Theory and Practice
(2004) COLR IV
French Constitutional Law; Parliamentary Powers in France; French Politics
Illan Wall Adobe PDF FileThe Aspirational Nature of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: An Examination of an Unsound Case
(2004) COLR V
Rights; Justiciability; Constitutional Law; Socio-economic Rights; Judicial Discretion; Seperation of Powers
Colmán P. Ó Donnchadha Adobe PDF FileWitness Intimidation – Criminal Justice in Crisis?
(2004) COLR VI
Witnesses; Witness Intimidation; Criminal Justice System; Law of Evidence; Legislative Proposals
Mairead Enright Adobe PDF File“Mature” Minors & The Medical Law
(2004) COLR VII
Medical Law; Minors; Consent; Capacity to Consent; Competence; Parents
Rory McIntyre-O'Brien Adobe PDF FileSlipping Through the Net: Hacking Offences in Ireland
(2004) COLR VIII
Computerised Records; Information Technology
Ciara Kennedy Adobe PDF FileDomestic Violence: How We Answer Their Cries For Help
(2004) COLR IX
Domestic Violence; Family Law
Yvonne Marie Daly Adobe PDF FileThe Changing Irish Approach to Questions of Criminal Justice: Media Portrayal, Moral Panic and Myopic Politics
(2004) COLR X
Criminal Justice System; Media; Publicity
Lesley A. Walter Adobe PDF FileLaw as Literature: Illuminating the Debate Over Constitutional Consistency
(2004) COLR XI
Jurisprudence; Constitutional Law; Constitutional Rights
Diarmuid Griffin Adobe PDF FileThe Juvenile Conundrum – Ireland 's Responses to Youth Offending
(2004) COLR XII
Juvenile Offenders; Age of Criminal Responsibility
David McCarthy Adobe PDF FileConstitutional Constraints on the Judiciary and the President
(2004) COLR XIII
Constitutional Law; President; Judicial Appointment; Judiciary
Mícheál O'Dowd Adobe PDF FileData Protection and Direct Marketing
(2004) COLR XIV
Database; Direct Marketing; Data Protection
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