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Irish Criminal Law Journal - 1998

Barbara Ann Hocking  Conspiracy as a very enduring practice: Part I
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 1
Criminal Law; Conspiracy
John E Stannard  Making sense of Mac Eoin
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 20
Criminal Law; Defences; Provocation
Gearoid Carey  The rule of law, public order targeting and the construction of crime
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 26
Criminal Law; Public Order
Ian O Donnell  Challenging the punitive obsession
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 51
Criminal Law; Justice; Penal Reform
Julie Liston  Cases and Comment: Mc Cormack v DPP; MM v DD; People (DPP) v Pringle; People (DPP) v Connell; People (DPP) v Mullane; People (DPP) v Connell
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 67
Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure Act 1993; Arrest; Detention; Criminal Assets Bureau; Provocation; Delay
Barbara Ann Hocking  Conspiracy as a very enduring practice: Part II
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 121
Criminal Law; Conspiracy
Tim Murphy & Marie O Shea  Dutch drugs policy, Ecstasy and the 1997 Utrecht CVO Report
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 141
International Law; Criminal Law; Drug Offences
Johnny Connolly  From colonial policing to community policing
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 165
Criminal Law; Policing
John PM White  The present prosecution of abolished offences
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 196
Criminal Law; Abolished Offences
Julie Liston  Cases and Comment: People (DPP) v Connolly; Connolly v DPP; B v DPP; DO R v DPP; PC v DPP; Keely v Judge Moriarty and the DPP
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 216
Arrest; Detention; Natural Justice; Right to Silence
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