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Judicial Studies Institute Journal - 2005

Tom Finlay Adobe PDF FileThe Role of the Judge
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 1
Judiciary; Judicial Function; Courts System
Anthony Carroll  Child Psychiatrists as Expert Witnesses
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 125
Expert Witnesses; Court System; Children
Kieran McGrath Adobe PDF FileProtecting Irish Children Better - The Case for an Inquisitorial Approach in Child Care Proceedings
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 136
Court System; Children; Child Abuse; Children's Rights
Frank Martin Adobe PDF FileThe Changing Face of Family Law in Ireland
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 16
Family Law; Definition of "Family"; Divorce
Geoffrey Shannon Adobe PDF FileThe Internationalisation of Irish Family Law
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 42
Family Law; European Law; Brussels II
Kees Waaldijk Adobe PDF FileOthers May Follow: The Introduction of Marriage, Quasi Marriage and Semi-Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in European Countries
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 104
Family Law; Definition of "Family"; Cohabitation
John Gaffney Adobe PDF FilePleading EC Law in Irish Litigation: A Case Study
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 153
European Law; Court System; European Integration
Ronan Kennedy Adobe PDF FileExtra-Judicial Comment by Judges
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 199
Judiciary; Media; Judicial Discretion
J. Paul McCutcheon & Laraine Hanlon Adobe PDF FileCourt of Criminal Appeal 2002-2004 Principles and General Themes
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 213
Criminal Law; Court System; Court of Criminal Appeal; Criminal Process
Paul Carney Adobe PDF FileThe Central Criminal Court: The Limerick Experience
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 1
Criminal Law; Jury; Intimidation; Legal History
Cedric Fullwood Adobe PDF FileCrime, Courts and Confidence: The Challenge to Change
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 11
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing
Julian V. Roberts Adobe PDF FileReducing the Use of Custody as a Sanction: A Review of Recent International Experiences
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 21
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing; Alternative Punishments
David Smyth Adobe PDF FileCurrent Developments in Youth Conferencing, and in Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 41
Criminal Justice System; Sentencing; Restorative Justice
Ian O'Donnell Adobe PDF FilePutting Prison in its Place
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 54
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing; Alternative Punishments
Dermot Walsh Adobe PDF FileThe Principle Deficit in Non-Custodial The Principle Deficit in Non-Custodial Sanctions
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 69
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing; Alternative Punishments
Paul A. McDermott Adobe PDF FileThe Duty to Seek Out, Preserve and Disclose Evidence to the Defence
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 80
Law of Evidence; European Convention on Human Rights; Fair trial; Police
Paul A. McDermott Adobe PDF FileThe Impact of the Human Rights Act 2003 on Criminal Law
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 99
Criminal Law; European Convention on Human Rights; COnstitutional Law
Gerard Coffey Adobe PDF FileRaising the Pleas in Bar Against a Retrial for the Same Criminal Offence
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 124
Criminl Law; Double Jeopardy; Retrial
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